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My Index points at your Sewer Mind (self portrait)
Digital Print limited edition
Not for sale
From Plato through to todays tap on the mouse pad, the index finger has played a seminal part in mans development. Up high from the brush of Michelangelo, Adam points toward 'The Father' who with his divine benevolence blesses him with the invisible spark of creation. Raphael gathers the philosophers and directs Plato's digit toward 'higher powers'. Lord Kitchener points directly to the patriotic Brit to lay down his life for both King and Country. Even in our very own lives the index has communicated our first infantile intent or desire and indicated the idea of 'thatness'. The need to extend has driven our sciences and arts and will continue to do so. This however is a coiled index, a self referential gesture, an introversion, supremely feminine, hidden. The close up, plays a visual pun which we readily devour. It is only when the title is grasped that the finger reveals itself and the image collapses. It's quantum ambiguity disappears to reveal the workings of our own mind. The art, thought to be out there, is suddenly seen from within.